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WELLERY liquid laundry detergents

To enhance your laundry experience, we created a WELLERY product line represented by seven liquid laundry detergents, each of them designed for different degrees of soiling and various types and colors of fabric.

For really tough stains we have concentrated WELLERY Intensive liquid laundry detergents. For colored fabrics use WELLERY INTENSIVE Color and for white fabrics use WELLERY INTENSIVE White. These liquid laundry detergents deal effortlessly with the most stubborn of stains, keeping your clothes and their colors looking as good as new.

For everyday laundry needs WELLERY Delicate is your answer. Our delicate formula can put its hand to any kind of fabric, whether white, colored, dark, wool or silk. There is a detergent for each type of fabric: WELLERY Delicate White for white fabrics, WELLERY DELICATE Black for black and dark colored fabrics, WELLERY DELICATE Color for colored fabrics, WELLERY DELICATE Wool for wool, silk and cashmere. The liquid laundry detergent gently permeates the fibers, ousting dirt particles and leaving the colors bright and radiant.

Bring back the sparkle to your kid’s clothes with hypoallergenic and non-toxic WELLERY Soft Baby. It deals effectively with all stains of organic origin so typical for kids.

All WELLERY liquid laundry detergents are made from safe biodegradable ingredients, they are phosphate-free and colorant-free.

WELLERY liquid laundry detergents are brand-new products which will clean all the stains out!