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WELLERY fabric softeners

One of the points to make WELLERY fabric softeners stand out of the crowd is their aroma. Finding distinguished fragrances requires a lot of skills. We paid extra attention to aromas of our fabric softeners, being inspired by the best creations of perfume houses in Paris and New-York, that’s how the collection of elegant products came to life.

Our seven WELLERY fabric softeners male up a complete spectrum of olfactory sensations, sure to satisfy any taste. WELLERY Home products will wrap you up in an atmosphere of a cozy and calm home. WELLERY Home Sweet will treat you with ripe red apples scent shaded by almond notes. WELLERY Home Dream will embrace your senses with refreshing scent of green apple and grapefruit for the most serene dreams and destressing.

WELLERY Couture products will add a touch of exquisite and refined perfume to your laundry. WELLERY for Men is a first fabric softener specifically designed for men’s clothes. It adds touches of noble mountain pine and sea-breeze scent. WELLERY Couture Mysterious has a scent of rose and magnolia, WELLERY Couture Romantic – enchanting scent with floral notes of hyacinth and iris, WELLERY Couture Oriental – a scent of exotically spiced jasmine.

Hypoallergenic WELLERY Care Natural has a subtle scent of vanilla toffee. This product is specifically designed for kids and people with ultra-sensitive skin.

Delicate and exquisite aromas brought by WELLERY fabric softeners will enveil your laundered items for 14 days. Besides, WELLERY fabric softeners make your items exceptionally soft, easy to iron and reduce static electricity.