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WELLERY Couture Oriental

Description and purpose:

  • The unique fabric softener Wellery Couture Oriental is developed for all types of fabric and is suitable for hand and machine washing.
  • Key feature of Wellery Couture Oriental is the scent inspired by the best creations of perfume houses in Paris, Milan and New-York. The delicate exotically spiced jasmine scent will make your image specifically charming.
  • Delicate and exquisite aromas brought by Wellery fabric softeners will enveil your laundered items for 14 days
  • The brand-new formula of Wellery fabric softeners makes your items exceptionally soft, easy to iron and reduce static electricity.
  • Efficient use: one 1000 ml — bottle of the product is enough for 40 loads.
  • Made on basis of safe biodegradable components and only from high quality raw materials, does not contain substances which are harmful for people’s health.
  • You can keep the gel on the shelf on any shape because of the unique ergonomic design of the bottle

Contains: 5-15% cationic surfactants, <5% preservative, fragrance

Volume: 1 000 ml, 1 700 ml, 5 000 ml

Best before: 24 months from date of manufacture