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WELLERY Delicate Wool

Description and purpose:

  • Wellery Delicate Wool is a highly effective liquid laundry detergent designed for regular washing of wool, silk and cashmere.
  • Suitable for hand and machine washing.
  • Exceptionally soft and gentle on fabrics, preserves original color and condition of your favorite garments protecting them from discoloring and wearing out. Our liquid laundry detergent helps wool fabrics to remain soft and effectively treats stains leaving no streaks on silk fabrics.
  • Efficient use: you need only 25 ml to wash 5 kg of laundry. One bottle of the product is enough for 40 loads.
  • Leaves no traces of detergent and no strong smell on fabric and works great even in cold water
  • Unlike washing powders, it does not dust and completely eliminates allergic reaction.
  • Can be kept on the shelf on any shape because of the unique ergonomic design of the bottle
  • Made on basis of safe biodegradable components and only from high quality raw materials, does not contain substances which are harmful for people’s health and phosphates which are dangerous for the environment.

Contains: 5-15% anionic surfactants, <5% phosphonates, preservative, enzymes, optical brightener, fragrance

Volume: 1 000 ml, 1 700 ml, 5 000 ml

Best before: 36 months from date of manufacture